Antaike is pleased to announce the 17th China International Silver Conference (CISC) 2018 will be held on 10th-13th September, 2018 in Shenzhen, China.
Since 2017, the economy of major economic power in the world has recovered and Chinese economy has gone to a new development era. With the benefits of the effect of Chinese supply side structure reform, development of kinetic energy conversion and accumulation, foreign demand has been warmer. China’s industry starts with a good performance and some emerging industries develop with a strong momentum.
We will invite silver industry/market experts both in China and around the world to attend this great event, for the theme of “Technology, Networking, Share and Globalation”, to promote communication of practitioners, open a new chapter in development of China’s silver industry. During the conference, it will hold the 2018 Shenzhen International Jewellery Fair with Silver Special Exhibition.

Why attend?

CISC is the only international platform in China for silver market. It is a good opportunity to communicate face-to-face with silver industry's decision-makers in one place at one time with guaranteed confidentiality.

Who will come?

Participants include the complete industry chain of silver, from upstream involvers of miners, smelteries and traders, to the downstream deep-processing manufacturers, end-users, as well as related government administrative organizations and research institutes.

What you will get?

Understanding of industrial upgrading and insight of market demand: Chinese market has huge potential demand, especially in current period of economic restructuring. Enterprises of the whole silver industry are in need of new technology and new products for successful restructuring and upgrading, which is a market nugget for those with the right products.

Access to capital market for business improvement with cutting edge fabrication products: A large amount of capital is looking for the right products in silver deep-processing sector in China. Given the good outlook of consumption and great potential of the products you have, you will own a fertile ground via CISC for business development in China.

Delegates Classification and Distribution:

Silver industry linked government agencies, miners, smelters, downstream deep processing fabricators, traders, science and technology research & development institutes, consumers, banks, mint producers, futures brokerage firms, investment and financial firms, market consultancies etc.


Hosted by

• Gems and Jewelry Trade Association of China
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• China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters

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